Sheriff: Explosion at Wisconsin plant kills at least 1

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"Quite a few of the employees live in the village and surrounding area".

One person has been confirmed killed in the explosion.

"Isolation can be very bad, so being able to talk about some feelings and being able to share human contact with others is very powerful in this time", Behling said. The training allows them to help search through damaged buildings. We can not release names at this time. About a dozen others have been injured.

The church has become a gathering spot for volunteers and family members of the victims. Pastor Kristin Frederich plans to speak before the vigil.

A benefit fund for people affected by this tragedy is set up at National Exchange Bank. Didion's ethanol plant is across the street from where the explosion happened and isn't in any danger, he said. Officials tell WISC-TV in Madison there will a news briefing sometime Thursday morning. He says the district chose to shut down Thursday as a precaution in case the fire wasn't completely extinguished.

"Didion is such a large employer, 200 folks plus". Raymond, the schools superintendent, said his district plans to have counselors on hand when students return Friday.

Authorities say there were 17 people not 16 inside the southern Wisconsin corn mill that exploded late Wednesday night.

For Ramirez, the explosion really hits home, not only was her son one of the first responders, but she said she knows people who work at the mill, including those who were there at the time of the blast.

So Ramirez, a waitress at Two White Doves Family Restaurant, on the single block downtown that contains Cambria's library, village offices, bank and both of its bars, spent much of Thursday on her phone. Recovery teams are digging through the ruins of one of the plant's buildings, searching for the missing employees. Four of the individuals are being treated at the UW Hospital Burn Center, and another is in intensive care at the hospital's Trauma and Life Support Center. It was unclear on Thursday whether the blast occurred in that part of the facility. "Over the past 44 years, the Didion team has grown to be a close-knit family, and we ask for your prayers during this hard time".

Emergency personnel are on the scene actively working and investigating.

The explosion also caused a number of power lines to fall, resulting in power outages in Cambria and the nearby village of Randolph. OSHA hasn't cited the plant for anything since, records show.