Sen. Kamala Harris destroys Attorney General Jeff Sessions during hearing

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After President Trump nominated Sessions, Warren wanted to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King that condemned the former Alabama Senator for racial bias.

During his testimony, Sessions was asked questions about his connections with Russia during the election, Donald Trump's possible ties with Russia, and the firing of former head of the FBI James Comey during the Russia investigation.

STEVE VLADECK: Thanks for having me, Ari.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) gave Attorney General Jeff Sessions the grilling of a lifetime Tuesday when she brought her knack for dogged, meticulous cross-examination to bear at Sessions' Russia hearing. Let's listen to this exchange, starting with Senator Warner. 'How dare you, sir? So I need to be correct as best I can and I'm not able to be rushed this fast.

Harris was seeking to draw some honesty from Sessions when it was her time to interrogate the man.

Before Harris got her "yes or no" answer, Burr cut her off and said her time had expired. Ari, that's not how this is supposed to work. I wouldn't say she was any more dogged than Sen. That's something people have done before. "I think it's honestly going to backfire on Republicans if they keep it up". And it is improper for agents of any of the department of any departments in the executive branch to waive that privilege without a clear approval of the president. "Wyden was trying to get to the bottom of answers either", Miller said.

Harris: When you knew that you would be asked these questions and you would rely on this policy, did you not ask your staff to show you the policy that would be the basis for refusing to answer the majority of the questions that have been asked of you.

And in the interests of public service, let's speak now to the newcomers and to the East Coast journalists and pundits who are apparently quite shook after witnessing Sen. They can hold him in contempt of Congress if he refuses to do so. No one is getting away with anything with Harris, who served as the California attorney general before coming to Capitol Hill. Miller seemed not to recognize that, saying that she "shouted" at Sessions and that she "talked over" him.

The pitch for cash stemmed from Tuesday's Senate Intelligence Committee grilling of Sessions.

VLADECK: Yeah, and it's the same problem. I think it's like they're uncomfortable with women asking hard questions. I am asking when you knew ... Duke's 10-member resolutions committee has one black member; the SBC is 85 percent white and only 6 percent black, according to Pew. But Ari, it's a qualified privilege. Mr. Rosenstein, would you like to thoroughly answer the question? He can't remember whether he met Kislyak at a small, private reception attended by both men prior to a Trump campaign speech at the Mayflower hotel in April, or assuming that he did, what he might have said to the ambassador. So who was interrupted the most during the #JeffSessions hearing? Does that seem like a safe gamble?