Rome imposes fines for frolicking at famous fountains

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If you're caught tonguing a hazelnut cold out the front of any of the fifteen protected fountains, you'll cop a savage fine between €40 (AUD$59) and €240 (AUD$355).

A day after the mayor of Rome declared war on tourists having a picnic at the Trevi Fountain, six of the city's finest officers armed with whistles fought valiantly against foreign hordes.

According to The Local, holidaymakers are also prohibited from paddling or taking a dip in the fountains, allowing pets to drink from them or climbing on the historic sites.

Announcing the measures, the mayor's office said the restrictions will be in place until 31st October.

Visitors will, however, still be able to indulge in the tradition of throwing coins into the water.

"We will not tolerate behaviour that contravenes decorum and we want to protect the historic, artistic and archaeological heritage of Rome".

The new rules apply to numerous historic fountains in the city, most notably the Trevi Fountain.

An iconic scene in the 1960 film sees actress Anita Ekberg frolic in the water.

The Local reported a year ago that seven tourists were hit with fines after being caught drinking on the newly refurbished Spanish Steps.