Qatari forces in Saudi-led coalition return home

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As an important trade partner of Turkey, Qatar has so far invested 2.2 billion USA dollars in the transcontinental country, with investments on the rise in the past four years.

Adel al-Jubeir also addressed claims Qatar had drafted in the FBI to investigate how its state-run news agency was "hacked" in an incident that first rocked diplomatic relations.

President Donald Trump changed course on Qatar Wednesday, a day after praising a move by other Gulf nations to sever diplomatic relations with Doha, which hosts a U.S. military base crucial to the fight against ISIS.

Whatever the Saudis do to crush Iranian advantage, America will be unflappably aboard-no more attempts at balance, we're back on the side of the Sunnis.

President Donald Trump called Qatar´s emir Wednesday and offered USA help as efforts grew to resolve a damaging feud between the emirate and its Gulf neighbours.

"We have reached a cul-de-sac in terms of trying to convince Qatar to change course", said Gargash, drawing a parallel to a similar diplomatic crisis in 2014.

A Qatari official said Trump in the call had "expressed readiness to find a solution to the diplomatic crisis in the Gulf, and stressed his keenness that the Gulf remains stable".

A Saudi newspaper headline says of Qatar on Monday: "5 Coups in 46 Years-and 6th Coup Not Far Away".

He regretted the overt and covert security, economic and political relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, saying Israel encourages Saudi Arabia to fuel the conflict dreaming that it would own sovereignty and hegemony over the Persian Gulf countries in the wake of the tensions and conflicts. The countries also said they would eject Qatar's diplomats.

"So good to see the Saudi Arabia visit with the King and 50 countries already paying off", he added. Al Thani, the ambassador, insisted his country had no idea why Qatar's neighbors were picking a fight.

Qatar's biggest trade partners are outside the region.

"We are willing to sit and talk", he said on Tuesday in an interview with CNN, adding that the "progressive and modern" country believes in diplomacy and promoting peace in the Middle East.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Gulf states could resolve a row with Qatar among themselves without outside help. He said in Berlin he is seeking a response "soon".

We want to make clear that various countries - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and others - are fed up with Qatar's duplicity, which has been undermining the region.

Al-Masri's strongly worded criticism of regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia was unusual for Hamas.

OPSGROUP, an industry flight operations service, said it had advised airlines of a series of restrictions on Qatari nationals, including a ban on transit through the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The demands the Saudis have reportedly issued (do note that at least one Gulf source has denied them) are absurd, and include expelling all Muslim Brotherhood members from Qatar, which is impossible, shutting down Qatar's native Al Jazeera, which is insane, and severing Doha's ties with Iran, which is counterproductive.

Qatari officials declined to immediately comment on Gargash's comments.

The United Arab Emirates' Justice Ministry is warning social media users that they can face prison time and fines for offering sympathy for Qatar amid a growing diplomatic crisis in the Middle East.