Putin denies Russian meddling in USA election

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"I will go in their favour", Modi said at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in reply to a question about President Donald Trump's announcement that the USA was quiting the Paris agreement and which way he would go. "It's a proper document aimed at solving one of today's global problems", said Putin.The Russian leader, who is keen to try to fix battered U.S. -Russia ties, said he thought there was no point dwelling on Trump's decision since the U.S. leader may be of the view that the necessary financial and other resources needed to comply with the accord may not be sufficient.It was now better to try to see what kind of climate deal could be agreed, said Putin.

"Help us to restore normal political dialogue, I ask you on behalf of Russian Federation and I appeal to the American side - help the newly elected president, the head of the administration of the United States", Tass news agency quoted Putin as saying at the plenary session of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 in St. Petersburg on Friday.

Joining Modi, Putin said India was facing a serious problem on account of terrorism and it was not an "imaginary thing".

Speaking at a meeting with senior editors of worldwide news agencies Thursday, Putin said the US will likely continue to build up its missile shield in the region even if North Korea agrees to curb its nuclear and missile programs.

He seemed to be referring to the conclusion of USA intelligence agencies that Russian Federation tried to interfere in last year's presidential election via hacking of the Democratic National Committee and a top Clinton campaign official.

"I believe that if a sound, pragmatic look is taken at this situation, where mutually beneficial economic contacts are curtailed, it will become clear that it can not suit Russian or USA businesses", he said. "It's like anti-Semitism - the Jews are to blame.... We are respectful toward all Indian interests", he said, citing the deep defence relations between the two countries.

President Vladimir Putin says the Russian state has never been involved in hacking.

Also among those to criticise Mr Trump was European Council president Donald Tusk, who said the USA had made "a big mistake".

"But it turned out that he was right", Putin said.

Putin insisted that it was perfectly normal for Kislyak to try to establish contacts and discuss future ties, adding that he hadn't even started to discuss specifics.

Putin also criticized US eavesdropping on its own allies like Germany, saying such activity inevitably backfired.

"What else is the ambassador supposed to do?" Putin told a moderator when asked about a possible deal between Trump and Moscow.

Specifically answering the question, he said ties between India and China should not be seen from a third country's perspective.

Even the principle of "zero defect, zero effect" for manufacturing industries is to avoid an adverse effect on the environment, he said. We ought to understand what is happening and where it will lead us.

Trump's move drives another wedge between the United States and its traditional European allies, while aligning its stance closer to Russian Federation in boosting fossil fuels while deferring action to curb climate change.

He underlined the importance of the Paris climate accord, but noted that it's a framework agreement offering broad room for maneuver for each signatory nation.

Putin, a former KGB officer and ex-head of Russia's FSB security service, made his comments about Snowden in an interview with U.S. film director Oliver Stone, excerpts of which were released ahead of its broadcast by U.S. TV network Showtime from June 12.

Putin then said Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton were behaving like anti-Semites by blaming Russian Federation for the 2016 election outcome.