Pelosi defends leadership following special election loss

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The Georgia race was the most expensive House race in history, with many millions spent on both sides. "It's not about me, necessarily; they like to target my district, the City of Saint Francis".

HuffPost senior politics editor Sam Stein asked Rice if she believed Pelosi to be an 'out-of-touch San Francisco liberal, ' which is the way Republicans have portrayed the top House Democrat in political attack ads.

In South Carolina's 5th District, which held its own special election Tuesday to fill the seat previously held by White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, Republican Ralph Norman's margin of victory - 52 percent to 48 percent - was 9 points fewer than Mulvaney's a year ago. Trump barely won the affluent, well-educated district in November, trailing the usual GOP benchmark here by double-digits. And running simply on an anti-Trump message - like Clinton tried and failed previous year - wouldn't work for Democrats in 2018 either, no matter how mired in scandal and controversy over Russian Federation the White House may be.

Those polar views the day after Handel's 4-point win over Ossoff can be partly attributed to sheer partisanship - voters seeing the world through their party identity. "The Republicans gave him that".

Frustrated Democrats pondered the party's future and questioned its campaign messaging on Wednesday after a demoralizing defeat in a Georgia congressional race widely seen as a referendum on President Donald Trump's young administration.

Liberal activists and their allied outside groups are grumbling that Ossoff moderated too much, and they've been complaining for weeks that the national party apparatus invested more to help him than outspokenly liberal candidates in Montana and Kansas special elections. Even among Republicans, his approval rating is 72 percent - down 11 points since April. What if there's a faction of Republican voters who don't like Trump but still don't like Obama's policies?

The president traveled to Iowa for an evening campaign-style rally at Kirkwood Community College.

In Georgia, Handel was able to convince Republicans of what was at stake, Bullock said. After she was re-elected Democratic leader, the Republican National Committee unfurled a banner that read "Hire Pelosi" outside its headquarters.

She recently had a shining moment on the House floor, however, in the hours after the June 14 shooting of Republican lawmakers. Ossoff, he said, could have run much more forcefully against the House Republican health-care bill, particularly its unpopular provisions that would undercut protections for those with preexisting conditions.

It's unclear what options the detractors have, given their small numbers and the overwhelming support Pelosi still enjoys within the caucus she's controlled for the last 14 years.

This means dozens of other districts that have typically been reliably red are now vulnerable, he said.

All three have angered CREDO by engaging in preliminary discussion with Republicans in May, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has criticized his counterparts for holding their discussions in secret.

From the local perspective, though, the election wasn't so closely tied to the controversial commander in chief.

So it's rather ironic that, Cobb County provided Karen Handel with the Republican juice she needed to fend off Democrat Jon Ossoff, 51.87 percent to 48.13 percent. "My decision to stay is not up to them", she said of her critics, noting that she welcomed and respected "the ambition that exists in my caucus" and members who are "having fun on TV".

Except Democrats under titular head Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco congresswoman who serves as House Democratic leader, refuse to admit they have a problem.

Our guess is that, bereft of new ideas, the party will continue its dreary and fruitless "resistance" march, egged on by its increasingly radicalized base and a fiercely anti-Trump news media.

For months, Democrats have resisted the notion that they were the problem.

"With Hollywood elites and Nancy Pelosi bankrolling his campaign, it's no secret that Ossoff would rubber stamp Pelosi's failed agenda of bigger government and more spending", Corey Bliss, executive director of the GOP-friendly Congressional Leadership Fund, said just before the Georgia election.

Jill Nolin covers the Georgia Statehouse for CNHI's newspapers and websites.