Officers quick to pull dog from Lake Michigan after auto crash

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A frisky and thirsty pit bull was no doubt thankful for the long arm of the law Tuesday.

A dog involved in a vehicle crash ran from the scene and fell into Lake Michigan in Chicago. "This is actually my first dog rescue that I've been in".

An officer responding to a nearby vehicle crash rushed over to help the dog.

Officers Guzman and Farris rescued a dog from Lake Michigan. They described him as a good dog and very cooperative.

After the collision, the dog took off from one of the cars and made his plunge (or hesitant tip, really) into the water.

The dog struggled to get back on the concrete, but couldn't get a grip. That's when Farris went into action, reaching down and heaving the flailing 50-pound dog out of the water.

The officers managed to pull the dog out of the water and get him on a leash.

The dog will stay at Animal Control for the next seven days.

A spokeswoman for the Chicago Police Department said two officers were involved in the rescue and a news conference was scheduled for 12:30 p.m.

"He was really thirsty and kept leaning forward and forward", said officer Juan Farris.