New Jersey voters go to polls to replace Gov. Chris Christie

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Democratic nominee for New Jersey governor Phil Murphy says he's honored and humbled to be the party's pick.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got some questions today about President Trump's London tweets, including his attacks on Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Murphy is a former diplomat who greatly outspent his rivals.

Guadagno, Christie's No. 2 for the last seven and a half years - also a former federal prosecutor and Monmouth County sheriff - was expected to secure the nomination. Raymond Lesniak, activist Bill Brennan and Tenafly Councilman Mark Zinna.

Democrats nominated wealthy former Goldman Sachs executive and one-time diplomat Phil Murphy and Republicans picked Christie's top deputy, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, in New Jersey's primary Tuesday, the only statewide contest this year along with Virginia, which goes to the polls next Tuesday.

Voters in New Jersey are heading to the polls Tuesday for the primaries in the governor's race.

She gained a reputation as the administration's ambassador to the business world. She contrasts the governor's in-your-face style with public sector unions with her diplomatic approach, saying "yelling and screaming" won't achieve results.

On the Democratic side, Murphy has significantly out-spent his opponents. Instead, most of the state falls into the New York City and Philadelphia markets.

Voters also will be picking between Democratic and Republican candidates in eight state Senate and 15 Assembly contests.

Diegnan is in the race for State Senator of the 18th district.

Phil Murphy claps while talking to supporters during a Democratic primary election watch party at the Robert Treat Hotel, Tuesday, June 6, 2017, in Newark, N.J. Murphy won the primary and will face New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, who won the Republican primary. If she fails to do so during her first term, Guadagno said, she would not stand for re-election.

State Sen. Steven Oroho defeated William Hayden, of Branchville, in the 24th Legislative District on Tuesday.

Voters also picked their parties' representatives in almost two dozen competitive Assembly and state Senate primaries on Tuesday.

Voters will elect a new 120-member Legislature in November.

Voters have begun the process of finding term-limited Republican Gov. Chris Christie's replacement, with thoughts about Wall Street banks and the Trump administration on their minds. A recent poll by Stockton University found that one-third of voters in both parties were undecided.

Former "SNL" star Joe Piscopo flirted with his own campaign, before backing Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno.

Sharyn Kingston, 25, of Freehold, said she was wary of Murphy's "Goldman Sachs connections" but voted for him because he's best suited for the job and can win the election.