May to face Conservative Party questioning over poll setback

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"It's just how long she's going to remain on death row", former Conservative finance minister George Osborne, who was sacked by May when she became prime minister past year, told the BBC.

The MPs continued that the committee was in agreement with the Prime Minister that another General Election or a party leadership election will not be held in the foreseeable future as they are "the last thing the country needs".

Asked about the possible formation of a cross party Brexit commission, he said: "I don't think that I should specify and I don't want to specify means by which we should involve everyone in our conversation but the House of Commons already has, as I say, a Brexit committee on which I served alongside Labour and Scottish Nationalist MPs and we produced reports, those reports were achieved by consensus".

This is published unedited from the IANS feed.

At just eight seats shy of a majority, May turned to the right-wing Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland, which won 10 seats in Westminster. May's failure to get a majority has undercut her tough Brexit strategy, which had raised fears that Britain was heading for a so-called "hard Brexit", which could potentially see tariffs slapped on British exports to the bloc.

Davis suggested the government would focus on the divorce proceedings before moving on to trade.

"The people of Britain have had a bellyful of promises and politicking", he wrote.

Brussels has warned that time is running out to start the talks on divorce terms and a future trade deal, with Britain set to leave the European Union come what may in March 2019.

The Prime Minister's former communications chief Katie Perrior, who left Downing Street when the election was called, attacked the two aides at the weekend for their "rude, abusive, childish behaviour".

May also restored former Justice Secretary Michael Gove to the Cabinet in another move created to show she was willing to listen to critics. Gove, a long-time opponent who was dismissed when May became prime minister previous year, will now serve as environment secretary.

"The EU stands ready to begin negotiations".

May is due to begin Brexit negotiations with Brussels on June 19 in a weaker position than before the June election.

"However, the Conservative Party's reduced share of the vote may indicate a higher likelihood that a "softer" form of Brexit might now be pursued, involving compromises with the European Union that Ms".

With the Brexit process uncertain, the pound suffered further falls in the foreign exchange markets, trading another 0.7 percent lower at $1.2653.

A Labour spokesman said that uncertainty over the date of the State Opening showed the Government was "in chaos", while Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said it was "an utter humiliation" for the PM.

Mr Davis replied: 'Not when I saw her. They also believe another election would negatively impact the United Kingdom economy.