Man Dies After His Tattoo Gets Infected with Ocean Bacteria

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The unidentified man reportedly developed vibriosis, a flesh-eating bacteria, while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico days after getting a tattoo of a crucifix and praying hands on his right calf.

The patient, whose medical history included chronic liver disease, had obtained a leg tattoo and then subsequently went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, exposing the tattoo to seawater.

According to reports, the man was given antibiotics, but his condition further deteriorated. The bacteria that can spread by eating under-cooked shellfish or getting contaminated water in a cut or open wound. The authors noted that this case highlights the increased risk patients with liver disease may have when infected with this deadly pathogen.

"Initial suspicion for V. vulnificus was high and he was started on empiric doxycycline and ceftriaxone at admission".

It's also recommended that anyone who gets a tattoo waits until the tattoo heals - which can take several weeks - before going swimming or immersing his or her body in water, according to Healthline. But afterward, his condition worsened again, and about two months later, he died due to complications related to liver damage, kidney failure and destroyed tissue in his skin lesions, the report said.