Lorde, Please Don't Stop Instagramming Onion Rings

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This is the reality we are now choosing to believe in, get on board or get out.

Lastly, the fingers seen holding said onion rings in the shots are distinctly similar...

Here's what you may not know: Behind all the glitz and glamour and the rock and roll life, Lorde may be (may be) the world's foremost onion ring critic.

Their evidence, as they detail it in their article, goes like this: one-the account, named onionringsworldwide, was followed by Lorde herself, as well as a number of her friends and family.

There are a few other geography coincidences - the onion ring account posted from a place in London while Lorde was in London, a place down the street from where Lorde performed a concert around the same time. Despite that, the word "flavour" is spelled with a "u" - the preferred spelling outside the United States, including in New Zealand, Lorde's birthplace.

Perhaps the most damning evidence is that as soon as NewsHub contacted Lorde's team about the account, it was ~mysteriously deleted~.

Adele recently revealed that she has a secret Twitter account and we kicked off an investigation to find it.

In any case, it's weirdly awesome to think that one of our greatest young pop stars could also be a massive onion ring head, the type who travels to seek out the best onion rings available, and who has to share that obsession with the world, even in clandestine form.

They asked her whether Lorde likes onion rings, whether she prefers a light batter on her onion rings, and whether she runs the account.

Onion rings are delicious so it shouldn't be a secret, but a report from a New Zealand news site claims the singer has an Instagram devoted to onion ring reviews.