Lindsay Lohan lands first big TV role

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Lindsay Lohan is returning to television.

Season 1 of Sick Note premieres this fall on Sky TV. Lohan, Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Don Johnson are filming Season 2 in the United Kingdom now.

Grint plays Daniel Glass, who the network describes as "a compulsive liar stuck in a failing relationship and dead-end insurance job, under the thumb of irrepressible boss Kenny West (played by Don Johnson)". He's then wrongfully diagnosed with a terminal illness by his incompetent doctor Ian Glennis (Frost) who convinces him to hide the truth from everyone once they realize a mistake has been made.

Lohan will star as Katerina West, the daughter of Daniel's boss. Now, she's poised to make a comeback thanks to a brand new role.

"We are thrilled to be making a second series of this nail-biting comedy and very excited to be welcoming the extraordinary talents of Lindsay Lohan to our all-star cast", added executive producer Jo Sargent.