LG will reportedly release a G6 Pro and G6 Plus in Korea

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If these rumours turn out to be true, the release of the G6 Pro and G6 Plus mark the first time LG has released multiple iterations of one of its flagship device.

From what we can infer from the translation, the LG G6 Plus would be nearly the same device, but would feature wireless charging capabilities and come with 128 GB of internal storage space.

The LG G6 Pro and G6 Plus will be made available sometime at the end of the month in South Korea from various carriers.

The LG G6 Pro comes with only 32GB built-in storage, half of what the LG G6 packs at 64GB. Still, it's odd that the two new versions of the device are named differently when the device's features are so similar. The G6 Plus is expected to have 128 GB which is double of the previous model and is estimated to be priced at 999,000 won (~$890), which is higher than the G6 price which stands at 899,800 won (~$800). Both variants sport the same IPS display, Snapdragon 821 processor, and 4GB of RAM as the LG G6. According to the initial report by ETnews, the specs for the Pro remain the same as the G6 and there are no other details on how the phones may differ from each other. "I can say is that we are definitely interested in expanding our product offerings to include more options for customers who are asking for different features". The "Pro" name is therefore somewhat confusing. As of this moment, all we can do is wait for LG's next move.