Kevin Durant joins Michael Jordan in NBA Finals record

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Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant celebrates after Game 5 of basketball's NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland, Calif., Monday, June 12, 2017.

But unlike last year's comeback when they took advantage of Harrison Barnes' offensive struggles, Durant answered every charge during a 39-point night and Cleveland will need to find new answers if these teams meet in a fourth straight Finals next season. So to give him it, they'd have to renounce their rights to Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, which would strip them of their ability to go over the cap to re-sign those important pieces.

The group that recruited Durant in the Hamptons that day last summer has the same philosophy about winning more championships.

Iguodala has cryptically and not-so-cryptically indicated his desire to return to the Warriors throughout the season, even mentioning during The Finals that he'd be talking to the media again in early July at a press conference with Curry and Durant, announcing extensions.

While the Cavs played pretty competitively overall and had opportunities to extend the series, the end result is leading to league-wide speculation as to what the Eastern Conference champions should do. "I don't believe we're a superteam here".

"I don't know. I probably won't", West said. "But honestly, that's something we'll worry about at the time. KD is going to get 25 no matter what'".

"Oh, my gosh, more than that", he said.

The college football championship team Clemson Tigers attended the White House ceremony after their win.

"Somebody asked me about it a couple months ago, a hypothetical, if a championship were to happen, what would I do", Curry said. Coach Steve Kerr also has been outspoken about issues with Trump. "We want to keep this thing together and see how we can continue to keep getting better".

And as one of the staunchest LeBron defenders on the planet, there's not much I can say to shoot down that hot take. Fans on Twitter quickly caught wind of the epic feud and couldn't help themselves from talking about it, keeping the social conversation going hours after the final buzzer went off. "That's the thing. Winning a championship is the ultimate goal and everybody here experienced that and we want to experience it again".