Jeremy Corbyn refuses to disclose on retaliatory nuclear strike

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Following a row with the Conservatives over the composition of its audience in a debate on Monday, the BBC said its Question Time audience was balanced, with a third of those present planning to vote Conservative, a third for Labour and the rest undecided. They suggest that she's one of the most successful Conservative leaders in living memory.

The newspaper said women and middle-aged voters were punishing Prime Minister Theresa May following controversies over the "dementia tax" and school meals, with a significant shifts to Jeremy Corbyn's party among women and the 35-54 age group.

After a disastrous 10 days in which the party's poll lead has collapsed amid a surge in support for Labour and growing nervousness among Tory MPs, internal Conservative campaign analysis suggests the tide may finally have turned back in their favor, according to senior campaign insiders who spoke to POLITICO on condition of anonymity. That means that 30 to 40 seats where the result would normally be safe are now in doubt.

The peculiarities of the UK's "first past the post" electoral system means it is hard to predict election results based upon opinion polls, Goodwin said, but even allowing for these uncertainties, he felt YouGov's constituency-by-constituency prediction looked to be an extreme outlier.

An ally of British Prime Minister Theresa May has said income tax will not rise for higher earners in an apparent new promise to voters less than a week before a national election with opinion polls showing a narrowing of her lead.

Labour has gained on the Tories in the polls recently.

The pollsters, though, indicated vastly different outcomes for Ms May: ranging from a landslide majority of over 100 seats to a YouGov model which estimated that Ms May would win 308 seats, too few for a majority in the 650-seat parliament. We don't have a "Brexit" plan or anything close to one, and coherent, well-argued policies elude us at the moment.

Facebook and YouTube users living in marginal constituencies have been bombarded with "dark ads" created to draw away the Labour faithful using an election loophole that allows parties to target voters online with very little regulatory oversight.

"I want to form a Labour government with a majority to carry out this unbelievable programme which can give so much hope and opportunity for so many people". They say the collapse of Labour in the polls over the previous year, and the party's sudden resurgence, should not be a surprise.

Surveys also miss "undecideds", "who... have often made up their mind but won't say", and those "who claim one view and then vote entirely differently in the polling booth".

May has refused to debate against Corbyn or the other United Kingdom party leaders. At the start of the campaign May's advantage was 49/14.

"It's definitely feeling more like 2010 than 2015 here", the source said, although they added that Labour may see some surprising losses in their former northern heartlands.

He said: 'I would do everything I can to ensure that any threat is actually dealt with earlier on by negotiations and by talks, so that we do adhere to our obligations under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

"They should have a prime minister who has an absolutely resolute determination to respect their will". By contrast, the Liberal Democrats have promised voters a second referendum on whether to accept a deal with Brussels.

However, the huge swings in voter intention seen during this campaign appears to have put paid to those expectations.