Is the iPad Pro the future of the MacBook?

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When you look at it through that lens, iOS 11 seems absolutely nothing like iPhone OS 1.or even iOS 10.

Introducing iOS 11, a major update to the worlds most advanced mobile operating system, Apple has announced it would bring new experiences and several new features to iPhones and iPads this fall.

Ping is still dead, but Apple Music is becoming more social, and more flexible so it can work with all your other devices or apps. By using the Apple Pay app within iMessage, users will be able to select an amount from their wallet, authenticate with TouchID, and send payments instantly to other iOS users. As a music-playing device, it will also be a challenger to Sonos, whose wifi-controlled speakers are used by many smartphone users for home entertainment. Before, Apple Pay transactions could be done only with businesses and institutions. At properly equipped health clubs, Apple Watch users will be able to pair their watches to treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes, or stair steppers from vendors such as Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Schwinn, StairMaster, Star Trac, and TechnoGym. That's a new focus for Apple as it competes with Google and Amazon.

The iPhone screen will also be locked to prevent drivers from using many of their apps while driving.

If you're now on the fence over the iOS 11 beta, take a look at this guide.

There's plenty of news to get into, so let's go ahead and dive right in. Memory under Photos will be optimized to play in both portrait and landscape mode. Most AR apps will not be available until iOS 11 is available in the fall. This technology reduces the file size of every photo taken on these two devices. Sadly enough, backups of newer iOS firmware are not backwards compatible with older software either.

Apple made a bunch of design tweaks that will make it easier for people to navigate native apps in iOS.

The iPad Pro models continue to sport a Retina display but with a new trick up its sleeve. Apple Pencil also receives some upgrades as it will now support inline drawing.

A small observation while we are mentioning these swipe gestures for the dock and the task manager screens on the iOS 11 for iPads: could this be an indication of a future iPad range without the physical home button below the display?

Apple's annual conference for app developers begins Monday in San Jose, California.

Following months of speculation about what exactly the nature of its ambitions for augmented reality are, the company announced it's building an AR platform directly into iOS.

But Apple is late to the game on VR.

A brief look at some more features coming with iOS 11 includes a redesigned App Store. iOS developers will now get their stories discovered on App Store.

Siri is getting some much needed love and attention from Apple engineers. Google already tries to be proactive with its Assistant on Android phones and Google Home speaker.

Automatic replies and urgency tags for messages are a step forward to providing peace of mind for people like myself, and would also let family members know you're busy. Friends will also be able to add music to your Up Next queue, which is like a lightweight version of Spotify's collaborative playlists. Apple also laid some groundwork for augmented reality, the projection of digital features onto real-world surroundings, by giving app developers tools for incorporating AR into their products.