Horgan and Weaver drop off NDP-Green agreement to Lieutenant Governor

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The agreement also stipulates that both parties will campaign in favour of the change.

He spoke to The Star Wednesday about the Green Party's recent success in British Columbia and what it could mean for the rest of Canada. Will never vote Green again! "I would just like to say mostly that I know we negotiated in all fairness and I thought we tried to find some common ground".

"The result of the election was clear".

The Liberals have been in power for 16 years.

Adam Olsen, a Green member who was elected in Saanich North and the Islands, said his party made compromises in its negotiations with the NDP but the agreement addresses democratic-reform issues critical to the party's agenda.

To borrow a tennis analogy, this is what we call forcing your opponent to serve out the match, in the hopes he'll tighten up and blow his chance on a forced or an unforced error. The change represents one of the victories for the Greens, as the rate increase is more ambitious than the one proposed by the NDP.

The four-year agreement between the two parties is not a formal coalition. Our agreement to support a B.C. NDP government is an important aspect of collaboration in this new political era, but cross-partisan work is not limited to it.

During the tense two weeks that followed election day, the possibility of a slim B.C. Liberal majority thanks to Courtenay-Comox kept all sides from making any serious commitments.

Since last week, Schreiner said his party's contact list has grown, as have fundraising dollars and subscriptions to the party's e-newsletter, which have spiked by more than 400 per cent since the May 9 election in BC.

"We have agreed that we would have an authentic debate on those things [outside the agreement] and we may not end on the same page by the time we vote", she said. And as friends, they shall hold hands and exchange gifts and sup together and daughters may marry sons and finally the world will see that what it needed all along... was the Green Party to make it better. "I'm very excited to have you all here, and I'm very excited about the prospect of forming the next government of British Columbia". With the support of the Greens, the Liberals would have 46 seats. That's the opportunity voters presented us with when they made their decision.

"If there is going to be a transfer of power in this province - and it certainly seems like there will be - it shouldn't be done behind closed doors".

That same political will is going to be necessary to maintain consensus over the four years of the agreement, said Ruff, a professor emeritus at the University of Victoria.

The Greens also put water in their wine on carbon taxes, a signature issue not mentioned by climate researcher Weaver as he set his conditions for supporting another party.

No doubt there are groups who are appalled at the outcome of this election, but we have not received official statements from them. While the agreement between the New Democrats and the Greens struck Monday significantly raised the likelihood of losing power, Clark confronted this prospect by telling the public that she would test the confidence of the legislature, while pleading for co-operation across party lines.

"Of immediate concern are the parties' positions on projects like Site C and Kinder Morgan, particularly when those have gone through proper consultation and assessment process", Famulak said.

"Coast Protectors, this is a huge moment". We have a lot of work ahead.