Graphics cards designed for cryptocurrency mining coming soon

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Bitcoin is up 160% this year and this is not the first time that cryptocurrency has increased demand for GPUs.

The gaming market remains our priority.

Bitcoin has been becoming popular and increasingly profitable in these past couple of months and this increase in cryptocurrency trend is driving demand for AMD GPUS and as of Monday, the AMD RX 570, as well as RX 580 GPUs, are sold out at computer hardware retailers including Newegg, Best Buy and Amazon.

Nvidia and AMD plan to release graphics cards designed specifically for cryptocurrency miners, according to a report from DigiTimes.

The cards will lack any display outputs and potentially have lower-clocks as well. And because most miners punish their GPUs with heavy 24/7 workloads that could shorten the lifespan of the cards, their warranties will be reduced to 90 days.

An AMD spokesperson on Tuesday said that the company is seeing "solid demand for our Polaris-based offerings in the gaming and newly resurgent cryptocurrency markets", helping to spur the rally. The ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ is packing 13 PCI Express slots - twelve x1 slots and one x16 slot - and Intel's H110 chipset.

ASRock didn't specify pricing or when the H110 Pro BTC+ will be available.