EU Commissioner: Paris Deal Not Subject to Renegotiation Despite US Withdrawal

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US President Donald Trump says the Paris climate pact is unfair to the United States.

The governors of California, New York and Washington, all Democrats, launched the coalition Thursday after Trump said he would withdraw the United States from the Paris accord, saying its terms are not fair and predicting major job losses because of the agreement.

The pact was agreed upon by more than 150 countries a year and a half ago.

"We have not done this since we want to wait until the rules for distributing resources are set out, along with other purely technical but essential details".

The mechanics of the USA exit are complicated.

Following Trump's announcement in the Rose Garden, senior Trump administration officials tasked with briefing reporters also said that they had not spoken to the president about his personal views on climate change.

"It (Paris accord) did not hold nations like China and India accountable", he said.

The U.S. was supposed to provide an additional $2 billion, but President Trump has balked at that idea, and his proposed budget includes cuts to global climate programs.

So why the hysteria now, since the Paris agreement, like Kyoto, places demands on the developed world, led by the USA, that it does not on the developing world, led by China? "The world applauded when we joined Paris, and you know why?"

At the same time, the Russian president pointed out that "it was possible not to withdraw from the Paris Agreement because it is a framework document so the United States' obligations could have been changed".

China is expected to announce a new climate partnership with the European Union on 2 June. Former President Barack Obama expressed regret over the pullout from a deal he was instrumental in brokering. The president made a very informed, and I think thoughtful and important decision for the country's benefit.

Let's be clear, that means economic opportunity for other countries. "We are convinced that yesterday's decision is a big mistake".

This way, the Trump administration, heavily influenced by the fossil-fuel industry, will have less sway over the United Nations climate process, they said. A fundamental commitment they make is to foster all of life and advocate for just policies and decisions to reduce the impact of global climate change.

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past". By contrast, the analysis finds, China and India's efforts to shift from coal to renewable energy are gaining momentum, and could reduce projected emissions by 2-3 gigatonnes of Carbon dioxide by 2030.