Cuphead Finally Has A Release Date Of September 29th

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At last, the beautifully hand-drawn indie game Cuphead got a release date for Xbox One and Windows 10: September 29.

The hugely anticipated Cuphead will be released September 29th. As it's an Xbox Play Anywhere title, you'll be able to buy it on PC or Xbox One, and get it on the other one for free.

It's been a lengthy development process for Cuphead, first shown at E3 in 2014, but it now has a release date. Cuphead looks like a classic Disney cartoon, but don't be fooled: the boss battles and puzzles seem to be incredibly tough. However, it's still possible that the game will end up delayed yet again, as it has been delayed numerous times in the past.

I've been waiting for this game for two years and I can not wait to play it. In the meantime, fans should keep their eye on Microsoft's E3 events throughout the week for the chance to see more of the long-awaited title.