Comey's testimony adds to damaging perceptions

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"Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication", Trump wrote, suggesting that Comey, who was under oath at the hearing, had committed perjury.

Trump said Comey's testimony also vindicated him from allegations that he colluded with Russian meddling in the 2016 us presidential election.

In his first congressional appearance since being abruptly fired by Trump last month, Comey detailed months of distrust of the president and bluntly asserted that Trump had fired him to interfere with the probe of Russia's ties to the Trump campaign. The president never told Comey "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty", Kasowitz insisted, and Trump never asked Comey to drop any investigation into Flynn.

Comey delivered a scathing indictment of his former boss, accusing him of trying to block an investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and saying the White House defamed him and the FBI in trying to explain his dismissal.

Trump was expected to face journalists later Friday in a joint news conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, who is visiting the White House. But I asked him to, because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.

"I am not hinting at anything", Trump said, twice declining to elaborate.

"There was an obligation on both the attorney general and the leadership team within main Justice as well as an obligation [on] the Federal Bureau of Investigation director for communication to ensure that there's no undue pressure being placed by the White House upon the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

"The president tweeted on Friday after I got fired that I better hope there are not tapes", Comey told the senators. Mr Trump has told local media.

And The New York Times reported that Comey told Attorney General Jeff Sessions in February that he did not want to be alone with Trump.

She said the committee has every right to see them: "This isn't as if Mr. Comey was writing in his private journal at home at night. Who would do that; it hardly makes sense", Trump said dismissively of Comey. I hope there are tapes" tore through the Internet, with the inevitable T-shirts following, and Comey then dared Trump to release the tapes: "The President surely knows if there are tapes. While disputing Comey's testimony, Trump castigated the entire hearing as "just an excuse" for Democrats to blame their election loss on a false narrative about Russian Federation.

Asked if he would be willing to give his version of events under oath, Trump replied: "100 percent".

Comey's memos about his meetings with Trump are now in Mueller's hands. "I think if you take together his written and oral testimony together, he has now made a prima facie case of obstruction of justice".