Cleveland police union files appeal of Timothy Loehmann firing, Frank Garmback suspension

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"Hopefully we won't have any more incidents like this", Williams said.

The second officer involved in the shooting, Frank Garmback, who was driving the police vehicle that stopped near the boy, has been suspended for 10 days after being found guilty of violating driving rules related to that incident.

Rice was only 12 years old when officer Timothy Loehmann shot him after mistaking Rice's toy gun for the real thing. His death became an early touchstone for the Black Lives Matter movement. Last year, the city of Cleveland paid Rice's family $6 million to settle a civil lawsuit over the fatal police shooting but made no admission of wrongdoing. "[Today's] news comes as a result of the investigation into these charges, which accused Loehmann of violating department rules when he applied to join the force".

Officer Garmback was suspended for administrative violations related to the shooting, but charges against Loehmann did not even reflect the November 2014 incident. The officers on the scene, Loehmann and Frank Garmback, hadn't delivered first aid, a role left to an Federal Bureau of Investigation officer who happened to be nearby. A disciplinary letter from the Independence police said Loehmann had "an inability to emotionally function", and cited an emotional breakdown he experienced at a local gun range, the Plain Dealer reported.

The caller told the 911 operator that the person with the gun was "probably a juvenile" and the gun was "probably fake", but that information was not relayed to Garmback and Loehmann. Garmback, the driver of the police cruiser, pulled up within mere feet of the boy.

A county prosecutor announced in December 2015 that Loehmann and Garmback wouldn't be indicted.

After that, Williams ordered a committee to determine if the officers violated department rules. "I'm going to get beat up for saying that... but it's not on them". "We have to be fair and objective". "They did not do anything outside of our policy... outside of our training and this is a politically motivated witch hunt", CPPA president Steve Loomis said. "Those officers acted appropriately and within the guidelines they had to work with".

The officer who was terminated, Timothy Loehmann, is alleged to have misinformed the police department about aspects of his employment application, according to a report by the NBC affiliate WKYC.