Camille Cosby on Mistrial: 'Truth Can Be Subdued, But Not Destroyed'

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Bill Cosby's trial on sexual assault charges ended in a mistrial Saturday after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision in a case that nevertheless helped destroy the 79-year-old comedian's image as "America's Dad".

Nearly immediately, the prosecution announced its intention to retry the comedian and former Temple trustee. The news came at about 10:15 a.m on Saturday.

The trial has irrevocably damaged the legacy of Cosby, once a towering figure in USA popular culture best known for his seminal role as a lovable father and obstetrician on hit 1984-92 TV series "The Cosby Show". He reminded prosecutors and the defense that "a mistrial is neither vindication nor victory for anybody". "A mistrial is merely the justice system at work".

Constand is ready to go to trial again, said her lawyer, Dolores Troiani. He added that some rulings would be reexamined.

In a statement to CNN, accuser P.J. Masten said she was "very disappointed that the judge did not allow other victims to testify".

In a statement read aloud by one of Cosby's aides, his wife, Camille, who attended only a couple of hours of the trial, took aim at the prosecutors and the judge. "Given the manner in which she was dismissed by the previous district attorney, she had no option but to file a civil suit".

Cosby's wife Camille released a statement via his social media accounts after the mistrial was announced. "How do I describe the judge?"

"I have seen it many times in cases all over the country, and sometimes a second jury will render a different outcome than the first jury".

Bruce Castor, the ex-prosecutor who passed on Constand's case in 2005, said Saturday that he was disappointed but not surprised in Steele's failure to win a conviction.

But Constand's allegations were the only criminal case brought against him as most of the alleged abuse happened too long ago to prosecute.

Yes. If he had been convicted, prosecutors say Cosby would have had to register as a sex offender and face an assessment to determine whether he was a sexually violent predator. The jury heard testimony about the incident in which Constand accused Cosby of giving her three blue pills and wine at his home to relax her. Constand testified that she was at his home seeking advice about her career. The university declined to comment on the case.

Cosby thanked fans and supporters as he left court Friday.

Andrea Constand, surrounded by friends and well-wishers, smiled in the courtroom as she embraced each one. The prosecution had asked to call 13 witnesses.

RuPaul also posted the below tweet following the announcement, before re-tweeting a 2015 article interviewing all the women accusing Cosby of assault. The words of women claiming that Cosby assaulted them, either in the news media or in a court of law, don't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Cosby did in fact assault them, particularly when he and his legal team are denying it.