Box office triumph for Wonder Woman's female director Patty Jenkins

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Gal Gadot stars in the opening weekend success and has been praised as a breath of fresh air to the DC Extended Universe.

The money is also notably higher than other women-led comic book super hero/villain films, like Catwoman, which brought in $82 million worldwide, and Elektra, which grossed $57 million its opening weekend.

"Hey you guys, it's me, it's Gal", she begins. In fact, when Gadot had to come back to do reshoots last November for the movie, some CGI magic had to be done to keep Gadot's baby bump off the screen.

Movies & More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on "Wonder Woman", which is rated PG-13 and now playing in theaters. Black Widow of the Avengers is powerful and well loved, but she has always been one hero among many.

Among all live-action features in June, Wonder Woman owns the fourth best Monday after Jurassic World ($25.3M), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ($14.9M) and Man of Steel ($12.6M).

Director Patty Jenkins echoed Roven's sentiments and called every day of filming a "hilarious gauntlet", to which Gadot never said no. There were reports going around saying she was.

Warner Bros should give Jenkins whatever she wants to direct Wonder Woman 2.

The thing that really makes the DC superhero Wonder Woman special to me is that she is strong and handsome on the inside. Now, Gal has added another feather to her hat by revealing that she was actually five months pregnant while shooting a major portion of the film. Wonder Woman is her first break into acting and she is set to appear, so far, in the two upcoming 2018 films Extinction, directed by Ben Young, and Holmes and Watson, directed by Etan Cohen. Wonder Woman, and the rest of the women in the film, break those molds- they are gods, they are queens and they are warriors. Pair her superhuman qualities with her human ones, and you get the reason why we take an interest in her.