Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Hit By Thief, Celebrity Medical Files Stolen

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A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon - who boasts a number of celebrity clients on his roster - has had 15,000 medical files well as before and after pics and photos of unconscious patients during surgery.

The culprit left her job at the Rodeo Drive office of Dr. Zain Kadri "after being accused of fraud on her time charts", The New York Daily News reports.

Los Angeles' local TV channel KTLA 5 reported that some of the patients were celebrities and could be badly affected if those photos got out, adding that the doctor's office had alerted the patients to notify banks to monitor their accounts.

They had already filed a report to police and notified Kadri's two other offices in Palmdale and Huntington Beach, since the same fraud could probably happen in those two offices, he said.

The Kadri spokesman said that those images on a corporate phone were discovered after the employee violated a restraining order earlier this month, but left the device as she was being escorted away by police.

Beyond the pictures, the spokesman said that a break in at the clinic's records center took both physical files as well as hard drives with thousands of people's data.

The former staffer allegedly has posted some of the pics on social media. presumably as revenge.