Beef Alert! The Game Blasts LeBron, Says Jordan and Kobe are Better

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From the Bay all the way to OKC.

The Golden State Warriors made a strong case to be called one of the best teams in National Basketball Association history after a near-perfect run through the playoffs resulted in their second title in three years.

"I couldn't sleep for two days", Durant, who was named the Finals MVP, said during an on-court interview. So, I probably got to beat him to the gym.

In last year's NBA Finals, the Warriors took a 3-1 lead heading into Game 5, the same as it had this year, but Curry's team didn't manage to wrap up the series. That stung ever since, and even Durant understood, because he gave up the same lead to the Warriors a round earlier with Oklahoma City.

"To have teammates that encourage you, that lift you up, that's what we all need in life", he said. "Our perspective, being blessed to play on this stage three years in a row, it's for these fans, for our organization, for these families". "I just wanted to come in there and just be me. I got nothing but love and respect for him, and I can't wait to compete against him again next season".

James had a spectacular series, averaging 33.6 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists but it wasn't enough.

"I left everything on the floor every game, all five games", James said in his Game 5 post-game press conference. And when you look at all that Paul brings to the game, it seems the Spurs are exactly the kind of team that Paul needs at this point in his career. LeBron James and Kevin Durant shared a moment of mutual respect at the end of the game. This was a team that went 73-9 in the 2016 regular season and then signed superstar Kevin Durant.

"Getting that first championship for me was like having my first son", he added. He dramatically drove and dunked on Cleveland's defense, knocked down big 3-pointers and blocked shots while handling the load of defending King James.

A key contributor to the Warriors win Monday was sixth man Andre Iguodala who scored 20 points off the bench on 9/14 shooting in 38 minutes of action. This time, Curry, Durant and the rest of the team silenced Cleveland before they had a chance to make more noise. "Because they're built for ... from my eyes, they're built to last a few years".

Curry embraced Durant's arrival after the Warriors dropped last year's finals to Cleveland in seven games, an unselfish attitude that reflected Durant's desires and created an inside-outside pairing that was almost unstoppable.