Bahrain foreign minister says all options open on Qatar - Mecca Newspaper

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The US president then spoke with the emir of Qatar on Wednesday and offered to host a meeting at the White House to help resolve the crisis. He said there were enough grain supplies for four weeks and Qatar also had large strategic food reserves.

"It's unfortunate to see these tweets", Qatari Ambassador Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani told the Daily Beast.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and other Muslim-majority nations cut diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday, alleging the small Gulf monarchy supports terrorism.

In his tweet, Trump voiced support for the regional blockade of Qatar and cited Qatar's funding of terrorist groups.

Jubeir also dismissed Qatar's recent rapprochement with Shi'ite Iran - Sunni Saudi Arabia's arch foe in the region - saying that countries that deal with Tehran "deal with it at their own peril".

The Mauritanian Islamic publicist Muhamad Mukhtar Alshinqit wrote, "All the respectable parties are standing with Qatar and all the miscreants stand against her. Let each of us decide which side to join, a man is judged by the identity of his friends".

Several Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, cut ties with the tiny Gulf state on Monday over what they say is Qatar's support for terrorism, an accusation Qatar vehemently denies.

Moscow, meanwhile, dismissed allegations that Russian hackers helped spark the diplomatic crisis, after CNN reported that United States officials believed they had planted a false news story.

That was enough, it seemed, to persuade Qatar the USA wasn't abandoning its strategic partner.

"We don't see that he's pointing fingers at Qatar", Al Thani said. Remember, Turkey demonstrated this capability to the world in the uranium barter agreement signed with Iran by former U.S. President Barack Obama's administration in 2011.

Countries across the globe are increasingly faced with the same conundrum: How much credence to give to the president's Twitter musings when they deviate sharply from USA policy?

While applauding a Kuwaiti effort to mediate the crisis, Gargash said Emirati and Saudi officials planned to concede nothing to Qatar, home to some 10,000 American troops at a major USA military base and the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This time around, as was the case back in 2014, the Saudis and the Emiratis - the two states in the GCC with the greatest foreign policy and military clout - have again given Doha an ultimatum.

Al Qassemi also warned Qatar should not rely on hosting some 10,000 American troops at its al-Udeid Air Base as protection against the Arab nations lined up against it. But Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) government should know that Qatar is no longer the Qatar of three days ago.

The call with Qatar's emir showed Trump trying to personally involve himself in resolving the conflict.

1996 — The Qatar-funded Al-Jazeera satellite news network is launched under Sheikh Hamad and soon becomes a top voice in the Arab world.

Comoros was the latest country to downgrade diplomatic ties with Qatar on Wednesday and Morocco's national airline, Royal Air Maroc, cancelled flights to the UAE, Saudi, Yemen and Egypt that fly via Doha, adding to travel chaos caused by the crisis.

A White House summit seemed an unlikely possibility.