Ariana Grande's #OneLoveManchester Concert Raised $3 Million

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The concert had a somber tone as it was a day after seven people were killed and 48 injured when three men drove into a crowd and began attacking people with knives in London. Grande enlisted a number of celebrities to perform, including Katy Perry, Liam Gallagher, Chris Martin, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Pharrell Williams, among others.

Most 23-year-old singers would be catatonic after a terrorist attack at one of their concerts, but Ariana Grande bounced back to help Manchester heal. The benefit concert was deemed a success after more than $9 million was raised. "She said Olivia would have wanted to hear the hits".

It is now vying for number one in this week's singles chart, competing with Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee's remix of Despacito featuring Justin Bieber.

The Red Cross in a statement Monday said that almost $13 million has been raised for the "We Love Manchester Emergency Fund" since a suicide bombing at the end of Grande's May 22 show in the city. 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' And she would say, 'Grandpa, I don't know if that would work on a pop album.' And he said, 'I promise you, it's gonna be a big hit.

A Fergie-less Black Eyed Peas borrowed Grande on stage to perform 2003's "Where is the Love?". After the benefit, the singer rereleased the track, promising to donate all proceeds to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund in coordination with the British Red Cross.

Grande also said that meeting Campbell's mother made her change the set list at the last minute to include more of her chart-topping songs.

Grande announced the show last week on social media, writing that she had been thinking of her fans "nonstop" and planned to return to the city to spend time with her fans, known as Arianators, there.