Apple WatchOS 4 adds new Siri face, enhances Workout, Music apps

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Called WatchOS 4, it'll replace WatchOS 3 and is meant for Apple Watch.

During Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference today out of San Jose, the company revealed that Apple Music now has 27 million subscribers, up from the 20 million figure Apple executives revealed in December, and some 40 million songs in its catalog just shy of two years after launching the service on June 30, 2015.

WatchOS 4: What is WatchOS?

WatchOS 4: How much does it cost?

WatchOS 4 will ship in the fall as a free update. The Siri Watch Face is a brand new watch face that works kind of like how Google cards work - automatically bringing up information that the watch thinks you need. It reminds us of the proactive app and contact suggestions in iOS.

How many times have you reached for your phone when you needed a flashlight in a tight spot? And it will give you a "trippy effect" with kaleidoscope faces. They're all from Toy Story, and each one has a different animation. Instead of using their arms to portray the hour and minute hands, the faces are fully animated and feature fun little vignettes when you activate them. Can a Siri watch face be better?

Activity (and what we consider to be its companion app, Workout) are nearly certainly the most popular apps on the watch.

You will see a sparkly animation when you've filled your rings in Activity.

"Apple Watch is created to help you live a healthier life", CEO Tim Cook said, "and people are absolutely loving the fitness capabilities, the health capabilities, the quick access to information, and even the ability to swim with it". Similarly, swimming-detection has been improved and the app now automatically detects your sets along with then you pause at the edge of the pool. This is useful for getting accurate timings.

Apple Music is also an important focus.

If you use high-end gym equipment to burn your calories, two-way data exchange will keep your metrics in sync.

There will also be a "friends are listening to" section, which will show you what the people you follow have been listening to and liking.

And finally, there's a new High Intensity Interval Training workout available that uses your heart rate to push you to your limits. The WWDC presentation also cited a Nike exercise playlist that accessed Apple Music's catalog, which was said to be at 40 million songs, as an example of how to use the new API. There's nice album art - you rotate the Digital Crown to scroll through. WatchOS 4 will also support native core Bluetooth. The company confirmed that Amazon Prime Video is coming to the Apple TV.

We'll update this article as and when we hear more details.