Apple Photos takes on Google with new tricks

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Now might be the right time to start using Safari.

Federighi also noted that Safari could achieve 80% faster JavaScript preference than Chrome as well. That means the High Sierra native browser will stop videos from playing as soon as you open up a new web page.

Federighi absolutely slammed through the macOS updates today, but it feels to some extent like an update that is all about refinement rather than major new consumer-facing features.

"Do you ever have this experience where you go to buy something on the web, you complete a purchase, and everywhere it seems to follow you around?", Federighi said. It will not block the ads themselves, though. What's more, there's now an option for full-screen split view in Mail.

The next significant update to macOS High Sierra would have to be replacement of the Hierarchical File System with Apple's own file system known as Apple Filesystem to macOS. The company says Siri will use on-device learning to accomplish this, returning better results that are synchronized across devices but also encrypted. The browser on macOS High Sierra will also get some security upgrades. The final version should launch this fall, and it'll be compatible with every Mac that can already run Sierra.

When it comes to the file system, Apple File System is now the default file system on MacOS - this led to some cheers from developers who were attending the event. The company unveiled a new Metal 2 API at WWDC alongside support for external GPUs. The developer kits includes a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure, a AMD Radeon RX 580, and a USB-C hub.

Everything's also going to look better on High Sierra. Also, SteamVR is coming to Mac, along with Unity and Unreal engines, as well.

The next version of macOS will be named High Sierra, with Apple promising it to be a refined, polished update to Sierra.

With High Sierra, Apple Photos is getting a facelift and improved machine learning, and H.265 video will be supported.

It is available in developer beta starting today and will be available to the wider masses later in 2017 and includes improvement for the few quirks one may have encountered in the previous (or the first macOS) release.