Another Victory Parade for the Warriors

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And Durant knows James will soon be working on new ways to dethrone the Warriors.

"We put in everything we had, our heart, soul and sweat, everything", he said. "So a championship is just a cherry on top", he added.

Kevin Durant was brilliant in the NBA Finals, en route to winning Finals MVP. "It's kind of insane to think about the conversations we had this summer and going into the year about how we can both mesh and do what we do and be the players that we are and (to) see it come to life in this series, it was unbelievable".

The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals past year and lost the title to the Cleveland Cavaliers after posting the best regular-season record in National Basketball Association history. "What we've built here is truly special, it's unique, it's something that you don't want to see end at all", Curry said. "So you don't know what's going to happen".

If Kerr has things his way, he'll at least coach several more seasons.

The NBA is as progressive as any sports league, having moved its 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte in protest of the so-called "bathroom law" that took away civil rights protections from gays.

It makes the latest crown much different than the 2015 title, the first in 40 years for the club and in the careers of most of the players.

"Once it hits zero and you see that excitement in their faces, it's nearly like in a lost world because you have no idea what to do", he said. All the pieces that we have are important to the equation of winning a championship and competing for a championship every single year.

Owner Joe Lacob will be pulling out his pocketbook to potentially give Curry a $200 million deal. Then they went 16-1 in the playoffs, beating the Cavs for the title in five games despite an historic performance by LeBron James. I mean, mentioning Shaun Livingston when you're trying to debunk Golden State being a super team is really grasping at a super straw. "There was never any question in my mind that this was going to work". Andre Iguodala, he got traded a couple of times.

"We make each other better and it's not about who gets the credit", Durant said.

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - Stephen Curry will likely go from being the NBA's biggest bargain to signing the richest contract in the league at more than $200 million.

Would Curry consider taking a paycut? If Durant demanded the Warriors pay him the full max, they would have to renounce the free agent rights to both Iguodala and Livingston because they do not now own Durant's full Bird Rights.

Another Cleveland player, Iman Shumpert, was more direct, saying in November, "I'm not going to the White House".

"Steph definitely took a back seat to start the season until he realized we didn't need him to take a back seat, we need you to be aggressive as you're going to be", forward Draymond Green said.