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Anita Pallenberg, model, actress and longtime girlfriend of The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, passed away on Tuesday. "I will love you forever, dearest Anita". The two stayed together for two years.

Her leaving Jones for Richards caused a rift in the famed English rock band that contributed to Jones being ousted from the Stones in June, 1969. They had another son, Tara, who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in 1976.

Her father sent her to a German boarding school because he wanted her to speak German but Pallenberg was expelled at 16. By all accounts, she was a force to reckon with, as Richards noted in "Life", his 2010 memoir.

"I like a high-spirited woman". Expelled at 16, she eventually came to NY and hung out with Andy Warhol. By the time she was in her late teens, she had appeared on the cover of Vogue and other magazines. "I didn't like photographers too much, I didn't like the fashion world".

She developed a keen interest in medicine, picture restoration and graphic design in her youth and studied all three subjects without pursuing a formal degree. "She scared the trousers off me". In his book "Life" he claims Anita once also had a brief affair with Mick Jagger during the filming of the film "Performance".

Pallenberg was Keith Richards" partner throughout the "70s.

She also starred in the iconic 1968 classic Barbarella and crime drama Performance, alongside Jagger.

Described as the woman who "almost broke up The Rolling Stones", Pallenberg was revered as a huge influence on sixties subculture. "My first impression was of a woman who was very strong", wrote Keith Richards in his autobiography, Life.

In her 2008 interview with the Guardian, Pallenberg said: "I know where all the good toilets are in Rome - I know all the toilets!" So when I go anywhere, I always go to the toilet right away and check it out. Sources tell me a lifetime of substance trouble finally caught up with her.