Africans for Jeremy Corbyn congratulate the Labour leader

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Because if the DUP doesn't back May all the way, then we are inevitably looking at another election, sooner rather than later.

There are any number of impressive statistics one can quote about the youth influence on the British election.

Theresa May did not need to call an election, but arrogance - which runs through parts of the Conservative Party like letters through a stick of Blackpool rock - appears to have persuaded her to do so in the vain pursuit of the Brexit unicorn.

Okay, the Labour Party did not win but has come very close to that.

The party had worked hard to prepare a detailed manifesto with policies that the party knew would be popular, he said. Instead, the Conservatives failed to gain over-all majority, leading to a hung Parliament.

Corbyn told MPs he would keep the party on a permanent election footing and would continue to campaign around the country in the Conservative marginals the party needs to win in order to form a majority government.

His popular anti-establishment stance - comparable, perhaps, to Bernie Sanders' prospectus in last year's U.S. election - resonated with many people and he tempted them with commitments to higher public spending and abolition of tuition fees.

Last week (June 9), NME surveyed over 1,000 young people on how they voted in the election, which proved a markedly increased turnout for 18-24 year-olds.

Labour backbenchers think Jeremy Corbyn should reappoint his shadow cabinet in the wake of the party's stellar election performance. That was also the title of their policy manifesto. Former PM David Cameron recently spoke out and said that May must work more closely with the Labour Party if she is to make a success of the forthcoming negotiations. That is because Labour parties around the world share the same philosophy.

What we are facing is the result of all kinds of ill-considered judgment, on both Left and Right.

We also have a strong focus on ensuring that our education system is world class and accessible to all. We are actually in the abyss already and are doing nothing. If we had been wiped out in the way that had been predicted, I would have expected the leader to carry the can.

Now, the Labour leader's score is +0, which means as many people have a favourable view of him as have an unfavourable one.

The other significant learning from the United Kingdom election is the power of a strong, grassroots campaign. That was less than two months ago. Some analyses indicate that the campaign's media strategy included a heavy reliance on social media, particularly given the biased mainstream media.

'I take my hat off to Jeremy on a fantastic campaign and what I think for most people was a wholly unexpected result.

The message here is that nothing can be taken for granted in politics.

"Over the decades I have seen the change in our country - brought about by both Conservative and Labour governments - some of it very positive and some of it having a lasting, detrimental impact (like Public Private Finance or unrestrained migration)". Two years later, Corbyn isn't on his way out, but stronger than ever in his party.