5-Year-Old Boy Shot in Head in South Bronx, Police Say

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New York City police say a 5-year-old boy celebrating his birthday was gravely injured after being shot by a stray bullet.

The incident unfolded outside of 1138 Washington Ave.at around 5:15 p.m., according to police.

Two men in the area had been arguing over something when one of them brandished a pistol and started blasting, sources said.

The boy was visiting his father at the time, and was being walked out to a auto waiting nearby, Nikunen said.

One of the bullets hit the child in the head.

He was taken to Saint Barnabas Medical Center. He is listed in grave condition. Sources said he is expected to survive as the bullet lodged in his skull but apparently did no brain damage.

A person of interest was taken into custody Monday evening and was being questioned, police said.

Authorities say it was the 5-year-old's birthday.

Detectives are looking for surveillance video in an attempt to identify the shooter.