49ers' NaVorro Bowman inspired by Kevin Durant's first title

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NaVorro Bowman has done a lot throughout his National Football League career.

"He comes over all the time and he comes to games", Durant said.

As the Warriors forward celebrated his first title Monday night, Bowman, his boyhood friend, watched and was inspired to start studying in his ongoing pursuit of his first Super Bowl.

"I pulled out my playbook". They've remained close and have spent time visiting since Durant joined the Warriors and moved to the Bay Area last summer.

"It's just a great thing to see", Bowman said. "You watch the guy, just get through what we've gotten through out entire life. Just to understand exactly where he came from, it just says a lot, how hard he's worked".

Durant turned pro in 2007, and Bowman followed suit three years later with the 49ers.

"Just to see the joy in his mom's eyes - I remember just going to his house and seeing his mom get home from work, putting in those hours and long time with her son - just to the rejoice of her, to see her son reach the pinnacle that he's been working so hard for his entire life ..." Expectations were high for Golden State following their offseason addition of free agent Kevin Durant, and the Warriors met those expectations.

"One thing I know about him is he'll never get complacent", Bowman said.

"People that's talking like that, they just want something to talk about, and that was just an easy cop-out". He did a great job of just ignoring it, trusting his choice, living up what to everyone said he better do. "And he did it". He laughed and said he had told Durant to have fun and enjoy the celebration. "It made me want to go after winning my first one even harder". "That's life. You always want to get better and go in the best situation possible to reach your ultimate goal".

Bowman was not able to attend the Warriors' clinching game over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. He sent Durant a congratulatory text but hasn't heard back from the former league MVP and four-time scoring champ.

"Just telling him you deserve it and congratulations to you and your family", Bowman said of the message. "Because I know the sacrifices that they made also helping him get to the point that he is".