Trump says he didn't mention Israel in meeting with Russians

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The pictures were taken while Trump - on a nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe - along with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi visited a new Saudi center for combating extremism.

"Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques greets Mrs Trump".

Ross appeared to fall asleep during a speech Trump gave on "Islamist extremism" on Sunday.

While Trump has won some praise for his mollifying statements, this new persona has not convinced everyone in the Muslim world.

By swinging American policy back to firm support for the Sunni Arab states, Trump has jettisoned that carefully constructed balance, said Jean-Marc Rickli, Head of Global Risk and Resilience at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. But on Sunday, standing before dozens of regional leaders, he said Islam was "one of the world's great faiths".

Saudi Arabia is our friend, and yet we go around the world selling and evangelizing equality, freedom of choice, free elections, self-determination and democracy.

It's not that Ross was wrong - I'm quite certain Trump and his entourage were confronted with nothing but polite and welcoming locals - it's that he apparently has no idea why he's right. Marco Rubio told CNN's State of the Union.

The White House has said it doesn't expect any sort of breakthrough on the peace process on this trip.

As many on social media have pointed out, that may have something to do with Saudi Arabia's track record of jailing and sometimes beheading protestors.

While Trump attempted to appeal to many in the Muslim world during his speech, there was one country he continued to attack.

Israel's chief enemy in the Middle East - must also cease funding, training and supplying weapons to terrorist groups and militias.

Newly re-elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called Trump's speech a "show with no value" in an address in Tehran on Monday.

Some of those tangible results included the Saudis' announcement that they'll put $20 billion into an infrastructure fund with the firm Blackstone, with the idea that a lot of that money might go into USA infrastructure projects. As Trump describes it, terrorism is all just a matter of good versus evil.

The White House struggled to answer the question.

"And he could not have been clearer in his description of Hezbollah and Hamas as the terrorist groups they most assuredly are", Harris also said. As dramatic music played, they approached the orb-which was actually a lit-up globe-under the cover of darkness with an entourage of men in traditional Saudi dress.

Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross says there was "not a single hint of a protester" during President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia.

President Obama had at times raised human rights issues in his trips to Saudi Arabia and meetings with Saudi officials, though not always.