The deal Trump is cooking

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He will meet privately with Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, between whom he has said he hopes to broker "the ultimate deal". Trump knows this, and can use this political credit as a hard-line supporter of Israel to nudge things in a more favorable direction.

Trump initially expressed openness to alternatives to a two-state solution in February, during a meeting with Netanyahu at the White House.

The new American plan that Trump seeks to materialize does not consider the Palestinian rights, rather it is an Israeli-designed project working against the Palestinians' rights.

Islamist gunmen who murdered at least 26 Christians traveling on a bus on Friday in central Egypt forced their victims.

The re-emerging partnership with our strong Arab allies will greatly advance the war on terrorism, rebuild mutual cultural respect, strengthen business ties, create jobs, isolate radical extremists, and present an opportunity for a re-engaged Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

The Middle East, which has been an area of sectarian conflict since the early years of Islam - yet remained relatively calm under the rule of the Ottoman Empire - has been dragged into a new sectarian wave as anachronistic disputes have been triggered by regional powers with the intention of expanding their influence. Before the election, he angrily denounced the media for referring to terrorists as "masterminds", saying they should be called losers instead.

A message of support from Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas was read out at the rally. Trump's intention to impress the worldwide community with a shift in Washington's Middle East policy from the one taken under former President Barack Obama is plainly discernible.

But there was little public evidence of prodding by Trump or his aides of either side to make more substantial concessions.

Part of his visit in Israel included a symbolic visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which made him the first sitting U.S. President to visit the site. He appeared to inadvertently confirm that he shared classified Israeli intelligence with Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak on May 10. "He's still on a learning curve, and peacemaking is not a business deal". They are ready to reach for peace.

Trump heads next to Europe, where planned meetings with world leaders on the economy and trade could be overtaken with discussion of terrorism and security.

"Like [former President Harry] Truman, Mr. Trump must contend with well-entrenched anti-Israel bureaucrats at the State Department who will try to use their positions to make moving the embassy hard". Just a few hours after visiting the Western Wall, the background image of Trump's personal Twitter account was changed to feature a photo of the president with his hand on the Kotel.