LG V30 to come with slide-out second display?

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Now naturally, everyone's, including our own eyes are set on the company's second flagship for the year which, in all its likelihood, will be called the LG V30.

Some renders have appeared on internet that shows a new LG smartphone, possibly the upcoming LG V30.

Both the displays are said to be featuring OLED panels, which would also force LG to push the notifications and weather updates to the secondary display provided they stay a bit protruded beneath even when fully closed. However, Bavor did not quote a name of the device, but that could be none other than LG V30 for sure. Evan Blass shares several images of the flagship phone with the secondary display, which you can check out below.

Evan Blass, who is known to reveal accurate information about unannounced devices, has tweeted out images of the V30. Do you think the secondary display, as seen here, is practical? The LG V-series devices have always had a secondary display, but it was usually a small screen on the top. It could be used to show options for apps, be used a dock to place your app icons, and best of all, it could be used as a keyboard, saving ample real estate on the main display.

Weekend bonus: this is an old-ish mockup of Project Joan, a.k.a. the LG V30. The phone should be released in a few months, though, and we should (at the very least) expect something unique, again, for LG's V line.